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It really wont matter when right after the election Hillary signs the NATO treaty. Then Obamanation can testify live on TV that he has nothing agains our 2nd Ammendment rights and again lie through his teeth because NATO will now be in control via the treaty which will over ride our constitutional rights. This is why O has been silent on the issue throughout most his campaign and avoiding it at all cost. He didn't want you to know that Hilliary was doing his dirty work for him behind the scenes with NATO.
I know this is kinda off the wll but I for one will NEVER recognise NATO as any kind of governing power and certainly not when they do not recognise my Constitunial rights.
O may seem stupid on the surface, but his strength has always been, mis direction and just outright lieing about anything to do with ANY important issue.
I am not sideing with Romney because I beleive the Republican party could have and SHOULD have submitted a far better representative, but if the last 4 years hasn't proved what O is all about then your just not recognising the destruction of America and it's finishing if he is given 4 more years to acheive his goal.
Remember Mrs. O's comments on the American flag befor his election ?? She said it was nothing more than a symble of oppression and hatred. I still watch the recording I have of her saying that and it makes me beleive beyond a shaddow of a doubt that they fully intend to destroy America. This is only a 2 step process: 1, Break us down financially so we have nowhere to turn but the Federal Government.: 2, the you MUST dis arm said Americans so when they rebel against your demands as the now Dictatorship, known as the Federal Government they (US) will not be able to protect ourselves. NOW you have total control and folks, Step 1 is almost completed.
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