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Originally Posted by BBSRQ View Post
Thanks for the help. Now the tricky part, how do you find someone that has a G19 slide only? Can they be purchased right from Glock?
I purchased G22 from Ed's Public safety, few days later I called them and ask for used complete slide for G17. They found one, price was about the same that the gentleman above mentioned.
I would recommend you to call them, they are great, excellent service, if you cannot search for the phone number, I'll try to dig it out from my email and will PM it to you.
...I live in SRQ, if you have any problems puting the project together, you can give me a call, we can meet at Take Aim and I'll be happy to help with whatever I can. Whatever I cannot do, they got some good guys there, that can help, Mike I believe is a Glock armorer, you can ask for him there, he can help.
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