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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
No one has explained how the Supreme Court is going to magically overturn themselves in less than a decade when they are to this day hesitant to overturn rulings from a hundred fifty years ago.
I'll play.

The liberal side of the court has said that they look forward to a "wiser" future court overturning the ruling.

They overturn past rulings about twice a year.

What you're saying is true...its rare that they overturn past decisions, but what about when they really want to...AS THEY SAY.

In addition to our two new far left scotus members, Obama has appointed 125 liberal judges to lower courts.

There are other gun cases that should go before SCOTUS before 2017.


I dont think it takes a genius to figure out that they arent kidding. Only a fool would blow it off as nothing.

If one of the 5 pro-gun justices who are pushing 80 choice or because of illness/death, and Obama's in. You can bet your *** that the second will be redefined and there will be no pro-gun victories until we replace a lib justice with pro-gun, God knows when, since its a life appointment.
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