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Hmmm...OK... look for a used upper assembly.

I'm not conversant on rules for competition.

Just upfront, I do not reload. Not worth it for me in terms of front end equipment costs, storage and workspace, picking up brass, cleaning, ingredient cost (factoring in shipping costs), consistency of product considerations, and time involved to do it... done the math, savings-- if any, is just not for me. The conversion barrel should be just as good with reloads (if not better), especially with lead bullets used for reloads. I buy and shoot massive quantities of practice ammo (usually Wolf, and or factory reloads from ammo houses, depending on caliber and purpose-- check and compare pricing: Jack Ross and Freedom Munitions).

Originally Posted by BBSRQ View Post
I have a couple of reasons but none of them are pressing. First, is that I understand that if I want to try some competitive stuff, I can't use a conversion barrel (and I mostly practice with 9mm) and the second reason is related to the 9mm...from what I've been able to see, I can reload at almost half the price of buying so I'm thinking about reloading. And, again from what I've read, the conversion barrel isn't very tolerant of reloaded cartridges.
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