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Ok, new range report. I went to the range today with my G21, a new 1882 ejector, original 8196-2 ejector, a new #4 dipped extractor, my original # 3 extractor, and my polished #2 extractor.

200rds PPU 230gr FMJ (cheapo stuff)
25rds Remington Golden Saber 185gr +P HP

Outdoor range, no partitions.

I tried all 3 extractors, with both ejectors, and there was no noticeable improvement in ejection pattern. Some ejection was strong, some weak, some sloppy, 3 or 4 straight back at me, some landed on the right arm, etc. In other words the ejection was erratic. But none actually hit me in the face or head and none went left.

Then I loaded up 2 mags of the Golden Saber 185gr +P. Holy crap! I realize now that this is what the Gen4's were designed for. ALL 25rds ejected with force at 3 o'clock and landed 15ft away, in a nice pile. At this point I am convinced the erratic ejection is all related to the new dual RSA setup. I now have complete confidence in this gun, and if the time comes, I believe it will perform flawless.

My G21 Gen4 now has 800rds through it with no stoppages or malfunctions.

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