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My 2 cents on this issue! I have been a hunter since I was old enough to do so! Everything I hunt is food except pests/varmints! Putting racks on the walls or rugs on the floors is not just to say I killed it! It's to remind me of the adventure, the hunt, the place, time and people I was with when the animal was taken! To remember the animal I harvested when it was free, the beauty of the animal etc. I can't count the hunts that I've been on where I never fired a round- including this years chukar hunt I just got back from! You know what I'll remember from the chukar hunt ! Being with my brother in the feild, enjoy precious time with him, seeing three Desert Bighorns within spitting distance!!! Yes And I never fired a shot on this hunt! We saw but a very few birds and they were out of range for a clean kill! If you hunt for the killing -your not a hunter!
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