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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
I'm thinking that with danger of attack EVERYWHERE, a bullet proof vest would be a good investment for all of us. It wouldn't be comfortable or convenient in the south, or elsewhere during summer, but spring, fall and winter up north it could be worn under a sweater or jacket. Kevlar could also be built into a coat or fashionable vest-style garment.

Remember, self defense measures are supposed to be COMFORTING, not comfortable or convenient. The vest, combined with a weapon of sufficient caliber and capacity, would make us pretty much invincible.

The vest would become part of our CC gear at social and family events, church, sporting events, weddings, at the mall, and everyplace else attackers might lurk. Our new SD basic equipment would be a CCW and CV (combat vest).

A decent vest for $300-$500 would cost less than most of the weapons we carry and would greatly enhance our chances of survival against FIREARMS AND KNIVES.

You will get a STAB AND BULLET PROOF vest.

** ** This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor.**
1.The armor cover area is the largest in this kind of vests.
2.The lightest vest for the armor coverage you get
3.The armor material is the most advanced material Ultra High Molecular Weight PE material
4.Made by one of the most prestige manufacturer in the industry under ISO 9001:2000 international standards.
5.5 year warranty for the armor material
Here are a couple more thoughts about Civilian Combat Vests (CCV) for self defense:

(1) A CCV can be worn in places where our CCW cannot be carried. Feel less vulnerable at the post office, at work, Disney World, public school events, bars (thats a good one), movie theaters, commercial flights, government buildings, including the White House.

(2) A CCV will protect against upper body injury in vehicle accidents.

(3) A CCV will provide comforting protection against NDs by careless shooters at public firing ranges.

(4) A CCV can be worn instead of the traditional chest protector to umpire baseball games, provided a bullet proof cup is also employed. Deadly attacks can happen at Little League parks, too. Umpires are always at risk!

(5) When the SHTF, we'll all need a CCV. Might as well start getting used to wearing one now.

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