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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
That's Gallup's poll today, of likely voters. Registered shows 49/47, as does Rasmussen.
Hmm ... Gallup today?

Registered voters from that graph look like effectively even:
The Okie Corral

... and that is accounting for rolling average ending Oct. 15 (before second debate).

Nonetheless, i don't pay much attention to the national popular vote type polling. Electoral college matters, not popular vote ... and the only states that matter are Florida and Ohio effectively. I don't know what those states are polling .... but I'm going to guess it was within margin of error pre-debate #2 and maybe tightened a bit post debate #2.

edit: Front page says 48/47 Registered Voters through yesterday.

edit: Ohio is probably the most important. Ohio per Rasmussen .. Likely voters, 49 Obama vs 48 Romney:
and another Ohio poll has 45 Obama vs 42 Romney most recently (but tightening):

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