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Ok, here's the report.
It would seem natural to compare the Ruger SR22 to the Walther P22.

The Ruger feels more substantial in the hand. It just feels solid where the P22 feels like a toy.

The Ruger has a safety which is also a decocker while the Walthers' safety is just a hammer block. Both have a magazine safety. The Walther has an internal frame lock which requires a special key. The Ruger has no internal lock.

The recoil spring on the Ruger is shorter than the mile-long spring on the Walther. The Ruger is easier to break down and reassemble.

Both have ambi magazine releases. The Ruger is in the traditional american style while the Walther is aligned along the trigger guard.

Both came with two magazines. Ruger provided mag extensions for both magazines while Walthers' mags came with a flush fit mag and a extended mag. The extension do not add any capacity to the magazines.

The Ruger has an Aliminium slide while the Walther is a Zinc alloy.

Both have adjustable sights buth the Walther came with several front sight posts of different heights. Both have adjustable stocks, The Ruger has a small and large grip sleeve while Walther provides 3 different inserts.

I fired just over 10,000 rounds through my Walther P22 before the slide blew apart. A new slide assembly from Smith & Wesson was $65.
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At the Range:
We are no longer allowed to take photos at the range since we had a visit from the Secret Service. Some guy posted pictures on-line of an Obama image the he shot to hell!

I fired a variety of bulk pack ammo that I had stashed from Y2K. The ammo was from Federal, Winchester, Remington and CCI.

The only ammo the gave me any problems was a truncacted bullet from Remington, everything else function perfectly.

Groups at ten yards varied from three inches to just over 1 1/2 inches.

CCI mini mags gave the best results. I fired 100 rounds of each brand. The groups did get tighter the more I shot, so I expect the accuracy to improve as all the moving parts break in more. No Failures to Fire or Extract. 4 Failure to Feed with the Remington truncacted ammo.

Overall I am very happy with this pistol. Price was $320 from Sportsman Warehouse.
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