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Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I think a lot of us didn't catch what kind of "round" you were talking about. Now we're going "ohhhhhhhh".
Yep, that round. To my chest. I didn't agree to that one, and it didn't agree with me.

Airport code here is ABI. We have a 10,000 foot runway, thank you very much. Regional jets. American Airlines only, though. You couldn't find a Delta flight into here, or DFW? Cause I know they fly into DFW. Me and the missus would be happy to meet you in DFW. Somebody small you want to meet lives there anyway.
Now that makes DFW a no-brainer!

Ahh, that explains why Delta doesn't even know the airport exists!

Originally Posted by dango View Post
Yo , so's you been to the OAF....! Anything for a laugh...!
If you laugh , I will proceed cause this laughter has great
healing abilities , so's I will continue just for YOU......: supergrin:
Continue on, my stoned friend!

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Is this the way I sound on MY pain meds? : rofl:
No, you don't even sound as bad as I do!

Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
I have a job interview on Thursday...2 days from now. It is with a company that I would LOVE to work for. I would appreciate prayers that God guides me to and through the interview. My gas tank is empty and I still donít have prayers that God will guide me to those resources. Also, I have been using a cane or walker since the injections and would like to not have that hinderance for the interview. Iím not sure what I can do to be under my own physical power unless God would bless me with strength to get through the interview without the cane.

Thank you so much for the prayers!!!
God bless you all. I am praying so hard that I can get this job!
Prayers going up in force! Please let us know how it goes.

I just had my last dose of chemo, and am heading into the week of nasty side effects. Thisw one's going to be a doozy, I can alreadt tell. As my oncologist told me, the effects are cumulative. I''m so glad it's over!!! I should be past the worst of it in a few weeks, then I'll slowly improve over a period of about 6 months. Apparently at that point I'll be as improved as I'm going to get. One thing that's been explained to me is that I'll never be the same as I was pre-chemo, much as I'll never be the same as I was pre-AK-47 round. The lasting effect that scares me the most is the nerve damage I have, I really hope that goes away. I'll also be so glad when some of these other side effects go away, especially the knock-down fatigue and dizzy spells. The terrible taste in my mouth can exit stage left anytime, too. There's a mess of other side effects I won't miss one bit, either! And I'll bet you folks with miss seeing me b**** about them, will you?

I haven't finalized anymore plans for my trip out west yet, because I'm working on getting my surgery scheduled. I did buy myself an "I finished chemo" present today, I'll show it in here in a few days if you folks want to see it.
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