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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
Yes, I'm an Illinois resident. One who has fought for years to get CCW passed - an effort being spearheaded by a down-state Democrat - and one who has worked as part of group to get the CCW issue successfully on the county ballot (along with about a half-dozen other counties just in this election alone).
Please keep up the good work. My wife is active duty, and we are stationed at Great Lakes. We love it here. She has already said she wants to retire here. The only thing keeping me from agreeing with her are the tight gun laws. I'm a Utah resident with a Utah resident CFP & Virginia nonresident CWP, yet I can't even purchase ammo here. I even got in an argument with a guy at Dick's Sporting Goods about how I don't need a FOID Card according to a state supreme court ruling in April 2011. I would love to carry while out here. Hopefully you'll be successful in getting nonresidents to either get a nonresident card, or for Illinois to have reciprocity with other states.

Btw, if you need statistics in favor of concealed carry, I recommend contacting the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations. They can tell you all sorts of good things.

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