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As I said, I did not mean to start a fight or disagrements with my question. I have built more than 300 1911's in my shop and as far as I am concerned I learned from the best there was. I know the cost to build and fit a proper 1911 has increased over substantially over my 20 years in the business but it is not that expensive when compared to what is available off the shelf. I do not stock retail items in my shop so my first thought was I was out of touch with the retail world but when I observed so many posters of this forum and others explain their plan of which 1911 to buy then put X amount of dollars into it to fix the known issues I was quite suprised. My thought was why not build a reliable one from the start and save a few bucks AND get a reliable pistol. Again, maybe I am just out of touch with the retail world and the level of quality people are willing to accept.
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