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Originally Posted by Disregarded9-side View Post
Nope. QC is horrible on these guns. You're entitled to disagree, but my experience couldn't have painted this picture more clearly. Colts obviously didn't used to cost over a G, and they also used to be much better pistols.

I love the platform, and obviously having turned multiple failing pistols into a working ones I have a more than decent knowledge of 1911s. No matter if you, I, or anyone else had purchased the aluminum framed Kimber I did, the magazines with steel followers would be eating chucks out of the frame. When I called their CS about it, they had no problem admitting right off the bat that this was a known issue. Shipping the pistol with these mags is terrible business practice, poor quality control. Consumers obviously don't care, as they continue to sell these 'guns faster than they can make them; new Kimbers are always on back order.

Implying that I'm incompetent doesn't prove that the 1911 is infallible in all forms, it simply proves that you're being unkind and not remotely thoughtful--that's not in any way a personal attack, just fact. If you read, and comprehended, half of what I said in this thread alone you'd realize your remarks to be wholly without reasonable foundation. And your comments are forgiven, so let's get back to celebrating the piece we all love. All of this has nothing to do with my OP.


No one said that the 1911 platform was infallable. You said "certainly no sub 1K dollar 1911 was able to be trusted." You said that as fact. Its far from fact. Its so far, in fact, that no matter how much you claim to know about the platform, that single statement proves otherwise.
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