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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
H1? Substitute that with a brand new ACOG and see what the new price is? Where's the flashlight in that accessories list? What about the MagPul rails/buttstock/front grip accessories?
Why an ACOG? The H1/T1 is more than capable of placing fast/accurate rounds on target at distances welll beyond anything a civilian will encounter.

Read: Basic Carbine

Who needs accessories?

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Kid, I've forgotten more about shooting than you'd ever know. As far as common sense goes, we all know who has it and who doesn't. Of course, can't really hold that against you because common sense and wisdom come with age.
Quite possible but irrelevant information doesn't count.

Remind me. What's my age?

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Don't take it too personally because when I laugh at you, I also laugh at myself as I recalled my conversations with the old timers back when I was your age. Hell, I knew it all and the old timeys didn't know nuthin' because I was better trained with more recent knowledge..
Once again, what's my age?

You don't have the life experience at this point in your life than individuals half your age. Not only that but like stated earlier, the information you've retained has proven to be irrelevant.

Your laughter is a defensive mechanism as you come to terms w/ the fact that you've lost traction.

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Twenty years from now, you'd have the same conversation with some youngsters who claimed that you don't know nuthin' about nuthin' and that they know more, and experience more, ad infinitum.
Doubtful as I do my best to stay abreast w/ relevancy.

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
It sounds like you need to do more research into the organization that holds these kinds of classes.

Seriously, airsoft optics in a class? I've never seen such an animal at Gunsite training courses.

Of course, if the instructors were of high caliber, then they would have had airsoft boy gone to iron sights and teach airsoft boy on how to fight with iron sight. I know, I know, I know, it's 2012 and iron sights are soooo 19th century and all that, right?

Don't say it if you don't mean it. You're not going to listen to a damn thing we "old timers" are going to say to you. It's cool though, the march of time will enlighten you.
Unfortunately you can't always predict who and what is going to show up and are left having to work w/ what is in front of you. That's what basic classes are for. Most, after realizing there is indead more cons than pros to cheap optics/accessories etc. show up w/ quality gear next time or don't show up at all.

Sites like this are great for conveying such experience. Experience that would help that first time student show up more prepared. But then you have individuals who preach airsoft, just as good, and mediocrity who set these people up for failure. People like you.

When the curriculum for that portion of the class calls for the zeroing of your optic, you zero your optic. When you're supposed to be working malfunction drills you don't work transition drills.

What classes did you attend at Gunsite and when?

If anything you said was relevant people would listen.

The cuteness has worn off and this is starting to resemble 2A talk w/ a liberal. You and your boy don't know what you're talking about but then again as the phrase goes, you don't know what you don't know.

I only continue this so others aren't mislead. However, it seems that the good majority fully understand your incompetence. It appears that my job is complete.

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