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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
I see that you are from Illinois and likely a union type that would gladly trade in his guns to get Obama four more years of power.
And I see an arrogant ass that doesn't like people believing differently than you, so you just make up stuff in your head to fit your world-view.

Yes, I'm an Illinois resident. One who has fought for years to get CCW passed - an effort being spearheaded by a down-state Democrat - and one who has worked as part of group to get the CCW issue successfully on the county ballot (along with about a half-dozen other counties just in this election alone).

I've never been a member of a union, and can't foresee that as a possibility in the future. You make general assumptions about people you know absolutely nothing about and it makes you look imbecilic. But feel free to continue to tell another American - who has all the same rights and privileges that you do - that my opinions are somehow less valid than yours. The way you regard those who disagree with you is a true measure of immaturity.

So, to recap, I have yet to see anyone explain how any new gun legislation will come into being without going through Congress, where it would have to have Republican support AND support of Democrats that want a repeat of the 1994 congressional election massacre. No one has explained how the Supreme Court is going to magically overturn themselves in less than a decade when they are to this day hesitant to overturn rulings from a hundred fifty years ago. And no one has yet responded to the fact that - in one of the most heated election cycles in a while, in a closely watched debate when every sentence is dissected to the nth degree - the President state he wanted a bill INTRODUCED, but that somehow this magically means that the paperwork is all done and ready for signatures come Nov 7th.

Instead, I get implied insults about where I live and explicit insult that I'm willing to give up hard-fought-for rights.

Glad this is a place for mature discussions.
"If you have something to say, now would be a perfect time to keep it to yourself." --Col. Chester Phillips
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