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Originally Posted by GreenDrake View Post
fun stuff, an old high school friend and Facebook friend mentioned something about how debates mean nothing and don't sway voters. I was not being offensive but mentioned that I thought Obama's mention of wanting another AWB would be impacting negatively on the fence sitters or independents, citing how Gore lost the Presidency when gun control was brought into the fray. Hoooo doggie, did I get jumped "did Fox news tell you that?" "you are being an a$%^%l"

I remained calm and cited my sources, as I was continually attacked and verbally assaulted by the lefties. I took personal pleasure in watching them come unraveled after all I said was that it was my opinion that there probably already was an impact and that Obama even mentioning an AWB was going to be jumped on quickly. So much for the party of equality and tolerance.
I finally had to block my own brother because I just couldn't stand the crap he was posting. I will unblock him after the election is over. It will be much better for both of us that I blocked him for now.
He actually had expressed outrage at the way Romney defined the middle class. All of my brother's left leaning friends agreed with him. When I mentioned that Obama defines the middle class the same way, not one more word was mentioned.
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