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For entry we have a obstacle course as follows:
On a regulation basketball court for reference
1. Start on sideline on knees
2. Sprint to opposite sideline and jump a 6 foot fence
3. Sprint back to original end line where an "A" frame stair structure is set-up 8 stairs up, 8 stairs down. Complete 7 reps (I think ha)
4. Power Training Machine placed against wall. Pull out 180 lbs and run with it for a half circle - 2 reps. Push in 180 lbs. - 2 reps
5. Sprint around center of court 3 laps
6. 200 lb. dummy drag across width of court
7. 15 trigger pulls with strong and weak hand, gun must be inside 12" metal ring and can at no point touch the ring.

Passing time is 2:55. Duty belt and vest worn during test.

Sorry if the PTM machine part is confusing, the video on our site is down I'll try and turn it up (might just be safari browser, worked with firefox). We also have a yearly PT test and officers have an option of the obstacle course or 1.5 mi run/ptm machine/grip strength test. In addition to the obstacle course applicants must pass the cooper test prior to hire, but at a later date than the obstacle course.
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