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Originally Posted by Glotin View Post
You are completely ignoring the Supreme Court. We are ONE justice away from the Supreme Court ruling that the right to keep and bear arms is a collective right of the militia, not an individual right. That was the dissent in Heller.

Neither Congress nor the President has to do a damn thing. Obama just has to appoint another liberal justice and we no longer have (according to the gov't) an individual right to own or carry guns.
Based on what? SCOTUS isn't going to re-write the law, there has to be some legal challenge to it. Could it happen? Sure, but precedent play. Stare decisis has historically been a major factor in whether the courts even TAKE a case, let alone judging the outcome.

But let's suppose your assumption is right. Whoever is nominated STILL has to go through a Senate confirmation. Are you saying you lack the confidence in the Republicans in the Senate from blocking any extreme appointments?

This level of "doom and gloom" is only benefiting two groups - manufacturers and sellers. And while I think it's great for them, these fears are not grounded in how the system actually works.
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