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Fun day at the range:

Well, got out to the range yesterday, and low and behold, another AR shooter was using a Tru-glow Tru-Bright Open Red Dot sight. I had never seen one before, so he let me fondle his rifle and check the optic out. I was rather shocked at how small and sharp the dot was, 95% as good as the center dot on my Eotech....for $99.00

Oh well, it's not tactical enough, not ready for COMABT!! , so he must have been an idiot loser.

Still, a fun day was had at the range. 100 yard shots at a torso-sized metal plate was beyond easy, while standing, kneeling, moving, whatever. It was great fun to get the aural feed-back on your hits.

So, it looks as if there is another el cheapo optic to consider. I tried to get more info from Tru-Glo's web site, but it basically doesn't function, so no luck there. Still, very nice red dot for $99.00

In all obectivity, I think we're on the cusp of serious cost vrs. performance changes in the AR optic market. That Truglo, while not as rugged, would work as well as an Aimpoint/Eotech for a recreational/HD shooter, no problem.
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