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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
This ^ misinformation. If this is really how you think I feel you're everything you've proven yourself to be. No individual on this forum is suggesting anyone spend thousands.

$995 6920
$550 used H1 w/ Larue Mount
$50 rear sight
$40 sling
$56 4 PMags
$117 500 rounds of ammunition
$65 4hr. Basic Carbine
= Done

I'm looking for the thousands.
H1? Substitute that with a brand new ACOG and see what the new price is? Where's the flashlight in that accessories list? What about the MagPul rails/buttstock/front grip accessories?

Don't hold a grudge because someone younger has a lot more knowledge, experience, and common sense than you. You're time has passed. Most, if not all, see through the gross exaggerations you throw out while grasping for traction.
Kid, I've forgotten more about shooting than you'd ever know. As far as common sense goes, we all know who has it and who doesn't. Of course, can't really hold that against you because common sense and wisdom come with age.

Don't take it too personally because when I laugh at you, I also laugh at myself as I recalled my conversations with the old timers back when I was your age. Hell, I knew it all and the old timeys didn't know nuthin' because I was better trained with more recent knowledge.

Twenty years from now, you'd have the same conversation with some youngsters who claimed that you don't know nuthin' about nuthin' and that they know more, and experience more, ad infinitum.
Can you dig it?

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