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Originally Posted by Travclem View Post
You never know with our current court. Johnny boy might crawfish and drill us in the ass on guns just like he did on Obummercare.
But you're still forgetting the point that, whether you like the method or not, the healthcare reform WAS passed through both the Senate and the House, at the time with Democratic majorities. Now the Republicans have the House (and don't seem likely to lose it) while the Dems have the Senate. If your belief and faith in the Republicans is so strong, then you have to realize this would never clear COMMITTEE, let alone come to a floor vote and pass in the House. And if it doesn't pass there, it doesn't MATTER what the President wants.

And for those saying "Executive Orders!!!", when the fight was so hot for the healthcare reform, why didn't he save himself the trouble and just do it as an EO?? The answer is because that's simply not the way it works. EOs are not the "word of God coming down the mountain", regardless of who's writing them.

Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Originally Posted by douggmc View Post
The fact that you all want to argue semantics, instead of the actual topic.
Words mean things.
And I have yet to see anyone else address the ONE word that I think tells the REAL story of the President's answer:


Politicians parse their words carefully, and some more than others. Do you think this one doesn't know EXACTLY what he was saying? He didn't say passed. He didn't say enacted. He didn't say in place. He said Reintroduced. So it gets read in the Senate well, sent to some committee, and dies a natural death. The President KEPT his campaign/debate promise, and then no one cares again.

So, yes, "Words mean things."
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