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Originally Posted by bman940 View Post
Tough choice, while similar they are quite different. I have never shot a round under the 3X Scope but I have put 1000's of rounds under the M-223 1-4 Point Blank Reticle. If I"m going somewhere to shoot stell inside of 200 yards it is my rifle of choice. Sighted in for 1 inch high at 100 yards I am 1 inch low at 200 yards. The center dot makes it easy to pick up a target and get a round off. I know down here in Tx. a lot of guy's are busting brush chasing hogs with that 3X carbine scope. Part of the reason I can't get my hands on one, to many guy's want one. Make sure you check out Spot On for the 3X and the P-Series Mounts which work great in this compact Scope. In case you didn't know, the M-223 is built on the MONARCH platform and the P-Series of scopes are built on the PROSTAFF platform.
Drop me a note with any question's.
Important to note that the trajectory described works for 75-77 grain bullets. 1" high at 100 yards with something like a 50 gr Vmax would still be about .6" high at 200 yards, assuming the standard AR optic height over bore of 2.6 inches. Peak projectile rise over line of sight would be about 1.4 inch at 140 yards with zeroes at 60 yards and 220 yards.

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