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It's pretty much a given fact that "budget", "cost-effective", etc are often times dirty words to those that covet the pricier brands. Unfortunately the internet tends to foster this from guns to mountain bikes.
Have you ever been to a class where someone came w/ their airsoft equipped DPMS? I have. The instructor ends up babysitting while everyone else has to crawl because airsoft boy can't get his optic to hold zero. It has nothing to do w/ cost. Only people defending their toy quality gear are concerned w/ cost.

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Earlier today I was reading a similar thread at "" where there were a few throwing off on Spike lowers. The reasons given weren't very relevant. This attitude is myopic and what they fail to realize is it may have a direct affect on them as a couple were "industry professionals" connected with schools. Does anyone think that attitudes like this will attract future students?
There is a lot of talk about Spikes. Most of it has to do w/ their biz practices and their emblem that resembles dueling *****es.

Also read above.

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Last, mjkeat you're a smart guy so re-read your last para to fnfal and tell me what you think may be wrong with that attitude?
Enlighten me.
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