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It's pretty much a given fact that "budget", "cost-effective", etc are often times dirty words to those that covet the pricier brands. Unfortunately the internet tends to foster this from guns to mountain bikes.

Earlier today I was reading a similar thread at "you-know-who.net" where there were a few throwing off on Spike lowers. The reasons given weren't very relevant. This attitude is myopic and what they fail to realize is it may have a direct affect on them as a couple were "industry professionals" connected with schools. Does anyone think that attitudes like this will attract future students?

In my naive way I approach it from an enthusiast's pov and don't roll my eyes whether someone is sporting a kia or an AMG-quality weapon. Who cares because we are doing something we want to or like to do and not everyone has the funds or situation to warrant spending lots of dinero.

Last, mjkeat you're a smart guy so re-read your last para to fnfal and tell me what you think may be wrong with that attitude?
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