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Originally Posted by douggmc View Post
Are you honestly saying that the criminal wouldn't have had a gun anyway?

For the record, I think it was an atrocious and misguided idea and operation. I also think it is and has been ridiculously overplayed as a political tool and that accountability has taken place.

But, if we want to be credible, we can't have it both ways. We can't use as a primary defense that "guns are tools" and the real problem is the criminal, yet in this case, rail entirely on something other than the criminal who pulled the trigger (who would have had a gun regardless).

We have a leftist president arming drug cartels in Mexico to advance a gun control agenda on US citizens.

Remember when the Democrat talking points were that 90% of guns used by Mexican drug cartels were purchased from gunshops in the border states? They had to manufacture evidence to support their propaganda.
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