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Originally Posted by THEPOPE View Post
O'Blah-blah-bahma did indeed dodge the F-N-F comment, but honestly, they both sounded off balance by any mention of the 2nd Amendment, neither wanting to open that can-o-worms very wide...Romknees' awkward segue into F-N-F came off as a strained but pertinent question of who or whom exactly Okie-Dokied such a flawed plan...

Uh, didn't both keep referring to 'A.K -47's' ?

I am as out as you know who...or whom...
I find it quite humorous that one of our primary mantras in defense of gun rights and against the gun grabbers is:: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" and "it isn't a gun problem, it is a criminal problem".

Yet, in the case of the FnF we effectively we want it the other way around. Isn't it the person who shot Brian Terry the responsible one?
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