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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Crush what misinformation? That every civilian AR15 has to have a thousand dollars worth of optics and accessories on it so that the civilians can fight off Red Dawn 2?
This ^ misinformation. If this is really how you think I feel you're everything you've proven yourself to be. No individual on this forum is suggesting anyone spend thousands.

$995 6920
$550 used H1 w/ Larue Mount
$50 rear sight
$40 sling
$56 4 PMags
$117 500 rounds of ammunition
$65 4hr. Basic Carbine
= Done

I'm looking for the thousands.

Don't hold a grudge because someone younger has a lot more knowledge, experience, and common sense than you. You're time has passed. Most, if not all, see through the gross exaggerations you throw out while grasping for traction.
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