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North Carolina's POPAT is nice

The POPAT consists of:

Applicant is given two street names before beginning.

Exit vehicle and advance 200 yards on foot.

Remove victim from vehicle and drag body 50 feet.

Scale staircase (up & down) 3 times while touching all steps.

Advance 25 feet to negotiate a 50 pound body force door.

Complete 20 push-ups & 20 sit-ups (in that order).

Return 25 feet to scale staircase (up & down) three times.

Advance 25 feet to 40-foot culvert & crawl completely through using flashlight.

Complete 20 push-ups & 20 sit-ups (in that order). Advance 200 yards on foot.

The applicant will then grab the victim (standing by the vehicle) and drag the victim 50 feet.

The applicant will then give the two street names in the same order they were given at the start of the test. Once this is completed, the clock will stop. (If the applicant does not remember the street names, he/she will have to advance 100yds and return 100 yards to the corner of the steps; then, the clock will stop.)

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