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If the President loses re-election, I think a very heavy weight of that will fall square on the gun issue because of the new AWB comment.

That said, however, look at EXACTLY what he said:
Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced
Notice he didn't say passed, or in place, or in effect. I stand by what I've said for YEARS: The Democrats remember 1994, and they are NOT politically suicidal enough to pass it again. And even that is presuming they regain control of BOTH houses (an unlikely event).

Everyone can (and has, and will continue to) shout "Look! See! Here it comes!!" but that's still no more realistic today than it was yesterday. What I think you saw was the President preaching to his base. If it hits the Senate floor and gets shot down, they can still tell their people 'See, we tried, damn those Right-Wingers, but we couldn't do it!'

But, as I said, if the re-election bid is lost, that comment is going to be a major factor.
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