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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
variety is the spice of life.
Speaking of spices - I like to keep plenty on hand!!

Originally Posted by Bilbo Bagins View Post
... canned tomato sauce
Versatile stuff - can be added to lots of items to help thicken and flavor dishes from spaghetti/pasta to stews/jambalaya to pizza sauce (given the right spices - see above)! I like to pick up the smaller cans when on sale - found ~8oz is about perfect size for a pizza while ~15oz is a good starter base for 1lb of spaghetti (still have a home-made sauce in the fridge as we speak!)

Originally Posted by Tom Kanik View Post
Just walk up and down the aisles of a grocery store for ideas. I like to keep tuna, Spam, chicken, ham, turkey, beef chunks in gravy, breakfast pork patties, roast beef hash as well as corned beef hash, LaChoy Chinese meals, along with extra cans of Chinese vegetables, tamales in sauce, chili, ready to eat soups like Progresso and Campbell's Chunky brands, condensed soups, and Dinty Moore beef stew. ...
Lots of good ideas in these replies! I have 'lots' of tuna 'cause I like the stuff! I also have a variety of "cream of" soups as they can be good "add ons" for dishes. Say you want some tuna but don't have mayo for a traditional tuna salad ... (if you think it's dry on its own) grab one of those "add on" cans, some spices, and if you're adventurous, add some rice, etc. and now you've got protein, carbs, and fat all in one meal.

Another good source for low-maintenance food might be peanut butter and/or raw nuts. They're generally calorie dense and can store (and you can eat them without any required preparation).

OH - Just to put some numbers to calories, I noted a while back that a can of green beans over 5 pounds in weight contained right around (or less than!?) 500 calories!?! So, yes, it's important in a survival situation to figure out what kind of fuel you're inputting to your body! For comparison, my 18oz Peanut Butter contains over 3000 calories! That's 100 calories/lb versus 2700 calories/lb
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