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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
That's my understanding also.

Aside from that, four seasoned NYPD undercover officers cornered Amadou Diallo in a doorway and when they thought he was reaching for a gun they only managed to hit him 19 times out of 41 shots. In a narrow doorway!

So should the NYPD throw away their G-17 pistols and 124-grain Gold Dot +P ammo and what the Diallo detectives were carrying?

We know the answer to that because we know there is no "magic bullet" or "always perfect" shots under extreme duress. Mas Ayoob, in one of his articles, wrote of an LEO who chased a fleeing suspect at night only to be ambushed from the side of a garage. The LEO/suspect were at arms length firing away with neither able to hit the other until the officer remembered "acquire a sight picture".

Real world events don't follow strict science or scripts so the best advice is to maintain your self-defense weapon at the highest level and to keep shooting until the threat is neutralized.
Gun Ownership Offers Freedom in Many Dimensions
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