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Originally Posted by Mushinto View Post
For the OP, join or be a scab.
This kind of comment is one of the (many) reasons I don't want to be associated with them. "If you don't believe what I do, then you're worthless". Calling someone a scab because they don't want to join the same group as you? Really? Gotta love that warm, cordial feeling of open arms....

Originally Posted by dango View Post
While we do NOTHING,
And this is one of the other reasons. YOU may be doing nothing. I have my senators' and representatives' phone numbers locally and in Washington, and they know my position and my name. I do the same at the state level, and they know me, too.

It's a sad state to say that my voice doesn't carry the same weight, but I'm not "doing nothing." I don't need to pay someone else to make phone calls for me.

I appreciate the work they do, I really do. But to imply - or flat out say - I'm not as 'good' of a gun owner because I want to speak for myself is, quite frankly, insulting.
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