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Originally Posted by dango View Post
I wish I could have dodged the draft. That whole Nam thing was
nothing more than lies and PROFIT.........! Know your history.!

And so the LIES and PROFIT continue......!

PS: What happens if we do war with Iran........? Open your eyes...!

Russia and China are very clear on this.....! Sheeeeeez....!!
No matter what you thought of the ulterior motives of going to war (in Viet Nam and most recently, Iraq) it doesn't disparge the fine service of the men and woman who gave their lives for our flag. Know your patriotism!

It's one thing to be against a war and refusing to fight as a conscientious objector. It's another thing to do as Mitt Romney did, and protest IN FAVOR OF THE VIETNAM WAR DRAFT and then apply for a deferment from the draft so he may serve his missionary service in Europe. That's cowardice. Know your patriotism!

With all of his education, wealth and influence, he could have easily served as an officer, even in the Pentagon perhaps (if he were afraid of charlie in the bush). He choose to serve a different allegiance.

Yes. He's ready to wage war for American interest, but will any of his children or grandchildren serve? He didn't. Open your eye's.

So ... to tie this together with the original OP, Mitt Romney is a poor candidate for the NRA to endorse.
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