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Quick and dirty edit my buddy Jean recently put together of an angle camp this year at the Ranch (one of three). I'm the one in the grey and red rig.
Like the rest of the GT jumpers who've chimed in, this may get a hold of you. Like sns3guppy said, its about freedom. My favorite thing about jumping is that it is the most clear you may ever be in your entire life. Everything is about that very moment, without preoccupation, or distraction. Things are as you see them to be, and you will NEVER forget how good it feels. Everyone has to die someday. Until then, you might as well really LIVE :-)

From 1:44 to 2:07, we were flying along the edge of a cloud that I'd put about four or five thousand feet tall. Nothing makes me grin bigger than 140 miles an hour and a big ol cloud ;-D
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You only get one mulligan per round. ONE.

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