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The problem and reality is that no 1911, certainly no sub-$1,000 '11, can be TRUSTED out of the box (I know this will solicit posts saying that "my RIA/Kimber/Taurus has 10,000 rounds through it and it's never malfunctioned", and I'm sure you're telling the truth; but even good manufactures produce bad pistols and getting the 1911 design reliable is more of an art than a science. Every one of them I've bought will not cycle consistently before being worked over.
First let's just relay that someone has to be extremely ignorant of the history of the 1911 to believe that you have to spend $1000 to have a reliable one OR that the design isn't inherently reliable. To the point of not understanding the platform altogether.

Second, whenever someone says they've had an amount of problems with a particular platform, it always makes me wonder if the problem isn't the consistent variable...... the owner or shooter. Rather, that's what the odds favor.
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