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Originally Posted by Scott3670 View Post
Hipoint is the parent company that produces the Hipoint, Iberia, and Haskell pistols.
close, but no cigar.

Hi-Point Firearms is the current trademark marketed by MKS Supply, Inc, located in Dayton, Ohio.

Prior to 1993, trademarks sold by MKS Supply (including Beemiller, Haskell, Iberia and Stallard) had their own separate manufacturers’ markings.

Beginning in 1993, Hi-Point Firearms eliminated these individualized markings and chose instead to have currently manufactured guns labeled “Hi-Point Firearms”.

Hi-Point carbines manufactured by Beemiller, located in Mansfield, Ohio.

Hi-Point 9mm and .380 pistols manufactured by Beemiller, located in Mansfield, Ohio.

Hi-point .40 pistols manufactured by Iberia Firearms, located in Iberia, Ohio.

Hi-Point .45 pistols manufactured by Haskell Manufacturing, located in Lima, Ohio.

Source is Blue Book of Gun Values, 33rd Edition.
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