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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Zombie CERT (Corrections Emergency Response Team) - I wish I'd had a clip of that form my slideshow in CERT training a couple of weeks ago. If anybody finds an Mpeg of the zombie CERT team, I need it.
CERT(S)... weren't those the tasty little fresh mints with retsin crystals in them that came in rolls wrapped in gold colored foil? Do they even still sell those? Just kidding. When I was a Corrections Officer the CERT guys were usually all the wannabe-military flunkies who thought they were all the "Special Forces" of the correctional system. They were kind of a joke. I'm sure it's not that way in all states, I'm sure many other correctional systems had better CERT organizations than we did.

With that said... it will be interesting to see how the "Lori - baby thing works out.
Here we go again.....

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