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Originally Posted by Disregarded9-side View Post
As the OP and the purchaser, I couldn't agree more with your point about buying a reliable pistol to begin with.

The problem and reality is that no 1911, certainly no sub-$1,000 '11, can be TRUSTED out of the box (I know this will solicit posts saying that "my RIA/Kimber/Taurus has 10,000 rounds through it and it's never malfunctioned", and I'm sure you're telling the truth; but even good manufactures produce bad pistols and getting the 1911 design reliable is more of an art than a science. Every one of them I've bought will not cycle consistently before being worked over.

I've achieved my goal of having a reliable 1911 for far less money than had a bought a semi-custom or full-house custom pistol. Yes, I could have spent $1,500 and probably gotten a much more reliable 'gun, but there would still have been a good number of MIM parts that I would want replaced, and others I wanted substituted for ones I simply prefer. My budget was $1K, and with an $801 purchase price and the refinements required to get it to function, I'm still under that (excluding the ammo; however, now that it's in working order, and because I reload, ammo costs are now less of a concern).

This ain't my first rodeo--I've been through a few '11s, none worked out of the box. I knew what I was getting into. I also knew I wanted a pistol that wasn't so valuable that I couldn't work on it, gaining some gunsmithing experience with the platform, and also beat on it at the range and for IPSC use; I'm a much higher volume shooter than most 1911 owners. It will be nice to always have one I can tinker with, even after I scoop the Ed Brown I've always wanted.
I started with a Kimber, figured I'd try the SA.

I also agree with your point about the market holding the manufactures to lower standards with regards to function--one should remember that 1/3rd of guns purchased in the US are never fired by the original owner, 1911s and other "pretty" 'guns probably rank high on the safe-queen chart.
Thats absolutely ridiculous!!
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