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Originally Posted by TTM65 View Post
I by no means wish to start a fight but am asking because I do not understand why people buy a gun knowing they are going to have to dump a fair amount into it just to get it to run reliably. This gun is an example of what I mean.
SA Loaded approx 900.00 then
after a trip back to Illinois, then lot of experimentation, extractor adjustment, new parts, fitting and filing and now it runs like a champ.
Then a few hundred in the forthcoming hammer and strut, FPS, grip safety, slide stop, and thumb safety.
Why not just purchase a quality built gun to start with? Ok, not everybody will buy a wilson etc but why not a semi custom that starts with quality parts and functions out of the box? I personally think that the shooting society has accepted lesser quality over the years and now lesser quality is the industry standard.

Again, just a question and my .02.
I personally picked up my Loaded for about $400 in trade. It made a great base gun.
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