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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Well, would you rather I agree to catch the next round?

What's your airport code there? Can anything bigger than a Cessna land?

I sure hope they come up with better 'cures'. There's a good chance this won't cure me anyway.

^^^ This. Given the choice, I damn sure wouldn't do it again!

I tried to find a flight there, and couldn't. What airline goes there? Apparently not Delta.

Road? No. Flights to a couple different places.

Yep, I've seen your posts.
I think a lot of us didn't catch what kind of "round" you were talking about. Now we're going "ohhhhhhhh".

Airport code here is ABI. We have a 10,000 foot runway, thank you very much. Regional jets. American Airlines only, though. You couldn't find a Delta flight into here, or DFW? Cause I know they fly into DFW. Me and the missus would be happy to meet you in DFW. Somebody small you want to meet lives there anyway.
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