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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
I hear ya,......not sure I care for that comment though.

A Lady at work was just diagnosed this week. 30+ year smoker,
cancer in lungs, lymph nodes, liver,.......
Sadly, no treatment for Her, they told Her 5-6 mos max.

Wish I was a bit closer,.........I need a beer. : hugs:
Well, would you rather I agree to catch the next round?

I'm reallysorry about your co-worker. eems I'm hearing about a lot of that lately.

I need a beer and a hug, too.

Originally Posted by MB-G26 View Post
I MUST be in on these plans!!!!!!!!

*********furious waving*************
Yep, you got to come down to PHX while I'm there. I'll let you know when.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Oh, I hope that goes away. I wish they could come up with a cure that doesn't almost kill the patient. I've heard that some things are in the works but haven't heard specifics.

You're welcome to stop by here, too. We have an airport and everything. : eyelashes:
What's your airport code there? Can anything bigger than a Cessna land?

I sure hope they come up with better 'cures'. There's a good chance this won't cure me anyway.

Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
You have only heard about what she has posted here. You should also hear what she has to say to me!: wow: It has not been at all pleasant for her.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shut your trap!

You had best not forget to visit me also.: impatient: What will you be doing in Mobile?
Not a lot, I'm just going down because a friend of mine has to go and will drop me off there. I'll fly from there to Knoxville.

I do hope the nerve damage subsides after you have finished this regimen. You are already crazy enough.:tongueout
Are you sure?

After all she did not agree to that round to her chest. I would not have agreed to it either.
^^^ This. Given the choice, I damn sure wouldn't do it again!

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
"You have an airport there? Are you sure?"

Not always. Sometimes we fly out if DFW just to avoid our first flight being cancelled. The likelihood increases with the distance if our destination.
I tried to find a flight there, and couldn't. What airline goes there? Apparently not Delta.

Originally Posted by Glock26girl View Post
Hey Wolfe, we were planning on driving to Savannah, but plans have changed to flying. Are you close? We will be there for 6 days and would love to see you!!: hugs:: hugs:: hugs:
Damn, I'm nowhere near Savannah.

Originally Posted by dango View Post
Yo sweety , road trip heh , impressive ! I hope you're getting stronger and better but , I knew you would !

Niagra Falls , the Grand Canyon , the Red Woods and me , dman,
too much to see got it.......?

Me ? I'm only getting funnier by the day...! You only live once and I ain't got time to cry , so's laughing it is ..............!
Road? No. Flights to a couple different places.

Yep, I've seen your posts.
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