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To those who defend this... at which point, in your opinion, does a person become a "real" American citizen, protected by the Constitution ?

Is it someone who was born in the States ? Apparently not, they were persecuted.

Is it someone whose parents were born in the states ? No, they were forcibly "relocated" too.

Is it someone whose grandparents and parents were born US citizens ? Nope, they suffered the same fate.

If what we did in the '40s was right, then any citizen of a particular ethnic or religious background - even a partial background - can be denied their constitutional rights at any time whenever the Government decides to persecute them based on whatever real or perceived threat, not because of any of their actions, but solely on the basis of their origins.

Which is un-American, anti-constitutional, and criminal.

The number of people ready to defend this shameful act shows just how close we are to tyranny.

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