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Originally Posted by dherloc View Post
Not sure I agree with this one. You are, after all, still a US citizen...with all the rights and priviledges that come with that.

Might have to mull that one over. But pretty sure I won't change my mind.
Well I can to a degree see your point, but if I'm not there to recieve any of the benefits, I'm just paying for the passport.
I dont mind paying for that passport, but to be honest to a degree I see it almost as an entrance fee to get back in the country.
It does bug me to deal with the things I have to deal with and to pay and pay and then to stand in a line and see someone pull out that card and get their stuff for free.
I was raised in a very lower middle class Family where we were told if we work hard and save our money we will get ahead. Yeah you will get ahead and you will carry how many folks on your back as you do it?
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