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Originally Posted by Averageman View Post
You might want to research that a bit Allied Servicemen were regularly starved, beaten and subjected to medical experiments.
Some of the recon for the attack on Pearl Harbor was conducted by Japanese Civilians.
We negotiated right up until hours before they attacked Pearl Harbor.
In the context of the times, they did the right thing.
The Germans faced trials at Nurenberg, most of the Japanese that tortured and submitted our GI's to medical "Testing" walked.
Pretty much that should show you how much we feared Japan invading our west coast.
In the context of the times they handled it the best way they could.
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That guy would have loved to be swinging that sword in on the beaches of California.
I still don't get how that relates to the AMERICANS who were put into camps. Those links seem to all be about Japanese spies. Or is it some kind of logical next step to turn your suspicion from your enemy to your own citizens who may look like him, or have similar names? I don't buy that it was the best we could do.
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