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You cannot have it both ways. You say that "relocation" camps were were for American citizens and internment camps for non-citizens.
Does not change the fact that some were internment camps and others were relocation camps. And the internment camps pre dated the relocation camps.

The internment camps were opened first to house resident enemy aliens not american citizens. As I stated, later Japanese Americans DID get placed in internment camps for various reasons.

Yet 95%+ of those who renounced their US citizenship came from one camp.
Yes and here is why,

In July 1943, Tule Lake became a segregation camp, where the government transferred Japanese Americans considered disloyal — those who answered "no" to two questions about loyalty and military service on a government questionnaire, or simply refused to answer the questions.

Japanese immigrants and their American-born children who sought repatriation or expatriation to Japan also were sent to Tule Lake.
So was it an internment camp or a relocation camp before they renounced their citizenship?
It appears that the nature of the Tule camp changed in 1943.
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