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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
You cannot have it both ways. You say that "relocation" camps were were for American citizens and internment camps for non-citizens.

Yet 95%+ of those who renounced their US citizenship came from one camp.

They were locked up there for 2+ years before they became non-US citizens.

So was it an internment camp or a relocation camp before they renounced their citizenship?
Internment camp and relocation camps were the same, period. The terms were and are used interchangeably.

It's never acceptable to lock up a bunch of citizens and non citizens due to nothing other than mass hysteria and racism.

I love it when folks come on here crying 'it's unconstitutional' regarding gun rights but think that relocating a bunch of folks due to their slanted eyes is acceptable.

Also forced to relocate were Japanese Americans with something like 1/16 Japanese blood.

As I mentioned before, we had a lot more problems with the Italian shipbuilders on the East coast than with Japanese Americans.
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