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Originally Posted by el_jewapo View Post
Early in the video, you said maybe they don't like you, being the reason they sent you a broken T.V. I wonder why they wouldn't like you? Did you have that same tone to your voice the first time you called them? People don't seem to understand the fact that the people you're talking to really have no stake in the company. They're getting paid by the hour and couldn't care less if you're frustrated with the company. What they do care about is your tone with them. If you called up huffing with that tone in the video the first time, it wouldn't shock me at all if whoever you talked to walked back to the warehouse area and told them to send you that busted one.

I worked in tech support, which I imagine is about the same thing. When someone called me up huffing right off the bat and being an ******* to me like I broke their stuff, I didn't take it very well. I would do the bare minimum of service for them, just enough to cover my bases of what I had to do and nothing else. Hell, some days if I wasn't in the mood for it, something would accidentally push the hang up button, really fun when there was an hour or so que. Now when someone was nice and polite to me, I would go out of my way to do whatever I could to help them.

That's something people should remember when calling most any place like that, you're not talking to the CEO of the company. You're talking to someone who is getting paid whether you're happy with the company or not. Be nice to those people, it pays off.

ETA: I'm not saying you should just bend over and take anything they want to give you, I'm just saying to try to at least start the conversation out in a polite manner, you're not talking to the person directly responsible for your broken stuff.
I wonder if it was the lady across the street or the license plate bending bandit. Lol

Originally Posted by Vultite View Post
Oh yeah, and this will be the LAST time I go "off-brand".
You said it. 10 min at Walmart or Best Buy and you would have been done.
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