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Originally Posted by Panglоss View Post
I hope you are not serious.

This is a simple case of a word taking on a different meaning in a different context.

When you serve in the military you are 'entitled' to GI Bill benefits, which are a benefit of your employment. Thus the use of the word 'entitlement'.

You are not 'entitled' to a free phone, free food, or free housing, simply because you were born and exist in this country. These are the type of 'entitlements' (we could call them unearned entitlements) that are controversial.

If the GI Bill is an entitlement, then so is any other benefit or, more specifically, form of compensation, provided by one's employer; sick days, vacation days, health and dental, etc., are all entitlements, right? In fact, by the same line of reasoning, one's wage or salary would also become an entitlement.

These argumentum ad nauseam posts about semantics are really growing old.

There's a huge difference between something that you are IN FACT entitled to because you earned it, and something that you BELIEVE you are entitled to simply because you exist and because you THINK you are entitled to receive it for free.

The reason the correct term is ENTITLEMENT is because a law was passed - providing these benefits to people - if they meet specific criteria they are ENTITLED to the GOVERNMENT PAID BENEFIT.

That is what an entitlement program is -

Social security, medicare, GI Bill, unemployment payments, food stamps, free phones for the poor, medicaid, heating payments assistance, housing allowance for poor, heck I would even add it the earned in come credit.

All of these are entitlements -

If the very government agency that administers the program calls it an entitlement - why is it not an entitlement?

The problem with the terms is yours -

You could make a valid case that not all of these programs are welfare - but there is just no way possible to not call them entitlements.

BTW - congress passes a law that says a person - that meets specific criteria - is entitled to a free phone - they are just as entitled to the free phone - as a person that paid XX into social security is to SS payments - just as entitled as a service member is to the entitlement benefit under the GI bill - or a student is entitled to a student loan.

At least until the flow of cash / ability to borrow runs out or congress changes the law.

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