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Originally Posted by RimfireMan View Post
The biggest social entitlement package is the GI Bill.

please explain how the GI Bill is a "social entitlement."

you see i read "social entitlement" as EVERYONE gets it. to receive GI Bill bennies, you MUST SERVE in the MILITARY.

i have now served 24+ years. i have spent over 4 of those years away from my wife and kids. i have missed, proms, homecoming games where one of my daughters was in the HC Court. i missed first steps, first swimming pool.

i missed first pet. i missed alot serving my country, time, memories and experiences i will NEVER, NEVER get back so that IDIOTS like you can complain about me receiving the GI Bill.

oh, btw, i PAID $1200 as an E2 for my initial GI Bill, THEN, i got the wonderful chance to PAY another $600 for TOP UP. THEN i got to watch as new guys coming in got the SAME GI Bill as I paid for for free!

do i begrudge them? hell no. social entitlements are free public education (indoctrination), welfare, unemployment, SSI for those that did NOT pay into it, etc...

please get an F'ing clue before you post more stupidity.
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