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His use of force in that situation would get him fired here...And it would warrant presenting the facts to prosecutors for charges..
He was out of line and over the top....

Being in a high stress situation does not erase bad decisions what was use of force ? "sucker punch" on the response to subject.
Ask tell make , not Punch in face.

And yes I have gone toe to toe ALOT I broke a 200lb womans tooth and it took 5 jailers to get her in "the chair."
This was a hippie chick thinking she was funny, Does she go to jail...YES.... his use of force was a mockery and he should have nopt been on the street if he can't handle that little bit of stress.
How do you establish intent?
Well when a naked man is chasing a woman down an alley with a butcher knife and a hard on, I figure he's not collecting for the red cross...Inspector H. Callahan
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